2 thoughts on “Do It as An Organic Flow

  1. Jenny Reply

    I was just talking to God about this very thing the other day. I was frustrated because I felt that I was not being obedient enough and I felt that the fault was His, because He wasn’t telling me exactly what to do, each time I needed to do something.

    Jesus pointed out that if He did that, my response to Him would be robotic and He doesn’t want me mindlessly obeying Him as a machine would- He wants a close, continuous and trusting relationship- sort of like a dance, where I am so close to Him, that I can feel Him leading me in that direction and so I yield.

    This requires trust, because I sometimes don’t know exactly where He is taking me, but it’s pleasurable to be that close to Him, to rely on Him in that organic, continuous way- when I can remain in that space! 🙂 I get better at it with practice.

    On another note, I just wanted to say, even though I am not commenting as much, I am reading right along. My husband and I adopted a daughter about five months ago, and so my life has changed quite a bit, but I am appreciating each chapter as you share it.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Exactly! It is like dancing, yes, or like musicians improvising and playing off one another, or like actors in an improv theatre, where the director mainly just sets the scene. For the most part, it is a flow, with only gentle nudging. Like you, I sometimes get too eager to do what God wants and all worked up. When I pray about it, I get a response, sometimes in words, sometimes not, that seems to say, Relax, you’re doing just fine.

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