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As you read sacred texts, you need to open your mind and heart.

Others who had direct contact with Akhenaten were moved by the purity of his vision and the manifest love he exhibited and his single-minded devotion to truth.

But there was no way for his vision to communicate more broadly.  He would have deprived the people of the gods they could devoutly worship—and, through them, worship Me—without giving them a version they could appropriate (make use of).  His rejection of other gods became mainly a negative force.

“Was Akhenaten’s conception of You correct, Lord?”

No, the question is not well-conceived.  As you know by now, I am both simple and complex.  My simplicity has to do with my Oneness and transcendence.  The complexity has to do with the multiplicity of My appearances/presentations in the world and My modes of action.  Whether a specific conception is apt is not a well-formulated question in so far as no single representation is likely to be adequate.  As I have told you, the overall story is far more complex than any human concepts have begun to capture. 

“Akhenaten’s vision is impressive:  portraying the Aten’s rays with little hands reaching out to touch people, moving from crude images of divinity to a purer conception, understanding God as a God of truth and of love, and having Him in one’s heart.  Is that right, Lord?”

All but the move from physical (images) to idea.  Obviously, there is a limitation to representing Me, or an aspect of Me, as a bull or falcon or the like.  But you should not be so harsh.  Words are not all that much better than images, and images do represent ways I manifest Myself.  I am not just ethereal.  I really do manifest Myself in the world and it is not inappropriate to see Me as a bull or whatever, any more than it is inappropriate to see Me personified as a man or king or lord—that is radically inadequate too.  As you read sacred texts, you need to open your mind and heart to these images and allow yourself to feel what is coming through these images.  Part of the block is simple ethnocentrism.  You don’t have so much trouble with the “lamb of God,” the tree (cross), the blood of Christ and such.  Open up.


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