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"You and I are participants in this flow of action, and it is up to us to meet it successfully. We are partners....This is a world of action."

Meet Jerry Martin and Hear His Story

Jerry L. Martin was raised in a Christian home. By the time he left college, he was not a believer.  But he was interested in the big questions and so he studied the great thinkers. He became a philosophy professor and served as head of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder and of the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to scholarly articles on epistemology, the philosophy of mind, and public policy, he wrote reports on education that received national attention and was invited to testify before Congress. He stepped down from that career to write this book, following divine guidance.
A philosophy professor, he had a naturalistic worldview that had no place for a divine dimension of any kind.
But one day he had occasion to pray.  To his vast surprise, God answered – in words — with a voice that was “real, benign, and authoritative.”


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