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"You and I are participants in this flow of action, and it is up to us to meet it successfully. We are partners....This is a world of action."

Meet Jerry Martin and Hear His Story

The voice announced, “I am God.” For Jerry Martin, that encounter began a  personal, intellectual, and spiritual adventure. He had not believed in God. He was a philosopher, trained to be skeptical— to doubt everything. So his first question was: Is this really God talking?

There were other urgent questions: What will my wife think? Why would God want to talk to me? Does God want me to do something?
He began asking all the questions about life and death and ultimate things to which he—and all of us—have sought answers: Love and loss. Happiness and suffering. Good and evil. Death and the afterlife. The world’s religions. The ways God communicates with us. How to live in harmony with God. God: An Autobiography tells the story of these mind-opening conversations with God.

Jerry L. Martin was raised in a Christian home. By the time he left college, he was not a believer.  But he was interested in the big questions and so he studied the great thinkers. He became a philosophy professor and served as head of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder and of the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to scholarly articles on epistemology, the philosophy of mind, and public policy, he wrote reports on education that received national attention and was invited to testify before Congress. He stepped down from that career to write this book, following divine guidance.
A philosophy professor, he had a naturalistic worldview that had no place for a divine dimension of any kind.
But one day he had occasion to pray.  To his vast surprise, God answered – in words — with a voice that was “real, benign, and authoritative.”


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God: An Autobiography, as told to a Philosopher – by Jerry L. Martin

“A captivating religious dialogue for the modern age.”

–  Kirkus Reviews


Hardcover – 376 pages




Theology Without Walls – The Transreligious Imperative

Published October 20, 2019 by Routledge
250 Pages



“Thinking about ultimate reality is becoming increasingly transreligious. This transreligious turn follows inevitably from the discovery of divine truths in multiple traditions. Global communications bring the full range of religious ideas and practices to anyone with access to the internet. Moreover, the growth of the “nones” and those who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” creates a pressing need for theological thinking not bound by prescribed doctrines and fixed rituals. This book responds to this vital need.