2 thoughts on ““The answer came in a female voice.”

  1. Henry Michell Reply

    “There was the boy and there was the road, trailing through vast heaving silences that filled the whole world.
    The longer the boy walked, the more full those silences became. His habitual loneliness began to fade. The river sang, the wind whispered, squirrels chattered, birds called and cried and piped and shrieked in whatever manner they were disposed to do. Within him sprang a sense of all these voices speaking together the earth’s own language, the One Tongue. Eventually, he might begin to learn that language, but for now his part in the conversation was simply to listen. It would be a long time before his brain could attempt to formulate these realities that were being imprinted on his psyche. Even had he conscious understanding of them presently, he could not have framed words to express the truths he was receiving, but he was beginning to feel them in his bones, in his tired muscles and sunburned arms and aching feet. The germ of a belief began to take hold in him, that all of these small lives, his own among them, were each and all merely steps and measures in the Great Dance. The One Mother breathed in them all, and they were all Her.” -from “The Summer Boy (c)2012 Henry Mitchell

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Henry, that is a wonderfully evocative portrayal of illumination in one of its many forms. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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