2 thoughts on ““Yes, that is important!”

  1. Wayne Rumsby Reply

    I feel as though we’re friends, not for years, or miles, but simply because we choose to share stories. I started following your story because I was going through a time of questioning the Bible. I’m not sure that it’s this perfect little owners manual that I’ve been told it is. I do value it as scripture, even scripture of great value, but calling it “The Word of God” seems to imply that’s all he had to say. It also implies that he’s dead, relationally anyway. So I asked the question, has God stopped breathing, and someone directed me to your writing. I read chapter 45 last night and it took my breath away.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Wayne, the idea that the Bible is, as you so aptly put it, an owner’s manual leads to a faith so brittle that it can snap and leave the believer in spiritual despair. God surely speaks to us through the Bible, as He spoke to those in the Bible, but it is not God’s only word, and it is not God’s last word. God breathes and speaks to us still, not only in words, but also in conscience and love, and in clues and hints that you have to watch for or you miss them.

      Thanks, my friend, for continuing to share your personal journey with us.

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