“It Sounded Like Orders From Above.”

Believe the inspirations I send you.  Do not worry about any other standards than communicating correctly what I reveal to you.  It may seem crazy to others.  It (revelation) always does.  This is the courage of the messenger.

I felt like Dorothy being swept up in the whirlwind.  And poor Abigail, would she be swept up too?  Her train had finally arrived.  Over dinner, I broke it to her.  She just listened, unfazed.

“I felt submissive; it sounded like orders from Above,” she explained later.  “I thought:  Jerry is clearly not making it up.  What it means in my life is, of necessity, open-ended.  To receive such a directive is to move to a realm or level not foreseeable.  In other words, it is a blessing.”

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