2 thoughts on “(Human recognition) is at the heart of My being.

  1. Jenny Reply

    I find this so stirring! I myself have come to understand Him in the same way- that human recognition, intimate, authentic relationship, is at the heart of who He is.

    It’s like an extraordinary secret, it’s like a pearl of great price hidden in the weeds of religous thought.

    I’ve often thought it’s even reflected in His names: He is that He is, He is there, and He is ours- He is the God of His people.

    Also, I have wrestled with His elusiveness. It makes me wonder about the necessity and purpose of faith.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Jenny, that human recognition and relationship is at the heart of who God is was one of the most striking things I was told. I don’t think I quite took it in at first, because it is profound in its implications. Later I came across the Buber-Rosenzweig translation of God’s name. The Hebrew, they say, suggests presence, not just “I am” but “I will be-there …” God will be-there with Moses, and with us, whatever we face.

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