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Why is God Hiding?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin asks, “If God wants us to believe in Him…why doesn’t He just come out and show Himself?”


Is it Reasonable to Believe in God?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin tells how, even without a proof, it can be reasonable to believe in God.


How Do You Live With God?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin tells how he tried to live in sync with God – what worked, what didn’t, and what he was told when he prayed about it.


What’s Wrong With Ego?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin is told in prayer about the tricky relationship between a healthy ego, a destructive ego, and loving oneself.


Is God Trying to Get Your Attention?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin discovers that we do not always notice when God is trying to tell us something.


What Does God Sound Like?

When philosopher Jerry L. Martin heard God speaking to Him, people said – Really? A real Voice? What did it sound like?


Why Did God Pick Me to Talk to?

Philosopher Jerry L. Martin wonders, if God wanted to talk to someone, why would He pick me?  His answer may surprise you.



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