Too Interesting

This is where, in my view, the book really gets interesting.  Almost too interesting.

In fact, I found it hard to re-read the chapters coming up.  I mean that literally.  A swirl of feelings fogged the page.  I relived the events, relived what I had been told, relived what I was asked to do, what absurd mantle was being placed on my shoulders.

The disturbance is not just retrospective.  I am now about to share these things publicly for the first time.  I think now, as I did then:  Surely not, Lord.  You can’t mean that!  What will people say?  What will they think?

I will be told things that deeply disturbed me, and may disturb you.  I will be given a much bigger assignment than I ever imagined, much bigger than I could possibly welcome.  You may think, as I did, surely not!

If so, just stay calm and set your concerns aside for the moment.  The first step to understanding something new or unusual is to “suspend disbelief” at the beginning.  You have to take it in, as best you can, on its own terms.  You need to try to see how it might make sense, how it might fit in as an extension or modification of your current beliefs.  Critical evaluation can be put off.  There will be plenty of time for that later.

On the other hand, you may be more open than a life-long agnostic and temperamental skeptic like me.  Either way, I will be happy to have you as my companion on this journey.  None of us should have to travel alone.

2 thoughts on “Too Interesting

  1. Jenny Reply

    Just letting you know, I am your friend along the way.

    I know it’s not easy to share from one’s personal relationship with God- especially when it’s outside the box. It takes a lot of courage.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Jenny, thanks for your spiritual companionship. It will be quite a journey!

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