There is gain here as well.

But there is gain here as well.  The old revelations were limited.  They fit the understanding of people at the time.  The messages were sometimes garbled or misunderstood or distorted over time.

Also, I have evolved since then.  There is new information to impart.

There it is again:  God evolves.

There is a long history, that has not been chronicled, of My development.  I would like to tell you that story and perhaps have you publish it.

4 thoughts on “There is gain here as well.

  1. yvonne harnden Reply

    After the last post, God has infused with me as well. Wow, does He
    talk — as He says in scripture He shall do with His family of Jacob.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      It is amazing that God can bend down and whisper in our ears, or reach
      us through hints and intimations. Like identifying a stranger in the fog,
      it can be difficult to tell which is God and which is our own inner voices.
      We must always do as Paul advised, “test the spirits — that they be of
      God.” The moments that are genuinely “of God” radiate meaning throughout
      our lives. I hope that is what is happening to you. May God be with you!

  2. yvonne harnden Reply

    I think God is evolved. He is evolvement. He is All. This is all his.
    He has created this. He has designed evolution. Who is He to evolve to?

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Yvonne, as the dialogue continues, we learn more about what God’s
      “evolving” means.

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