Current Spiritual Transformations

“As You tell me things, am I supposed to ‘use my own intelligence,’ as Abigail urges, to interpret or reinterpret what You tell me?”

You have to use your intelligence, but you have a very direct line.

“Will we include the present age?”

No, the main goal is not to talk about some crisis or transformation in the current age.  A new revelation about the past is relevant to current spiritual transformations.



“I Breathe Life Into Matter.”


God continued,

I breathe life into matter, and matter starts responding.  As one translation of Genesis puts it, I “flutter over the waters” and nurture, incubate life.  And I am filled with joy.  It is like a child picking up a harp and being surprised to find that strumming it makes beautiful sounds—and delightedly playing with it.

At the beginning, the cosmos was My playpen, My garden of delights.  It was beautiful, dazzling.  I could play it like a vast organ, but one attached to laser shows and fireworks.

Stop Being Simple-Minded

“That still doesn’t mean you can do anything.”

Give Me an example.

I started to describe the case of a woman I know who has very strong convictions and great force of will, and yet often fails to achieve her goals.

No, (give Me an instance) from your own life.

“Just winning a tennis game, for example.”

Give me a break.  (A) You always have mixed thoughts in those situations and (B) I said you can’t alter physical laws.  If you completely wanted to win at tennis and believed you could, you would practice, exercise, and so forth.  When I say you can do anything, I don’t mean that you don’t have to take the necessary steps.  Napoleon was charismatic but he still had to train troops, plan logistics, and so on.  Stop being simple-minded.  You are fixating on a single meaning of “you can do anything” and trying to rebut it.  Instead, think about what meaning could be true.  It certainly does not mean wish-fulfillment.  Think about it.



I Am the Point of Interaction Between Man and the World.

I read about the great scientific debate of the eighteenth century:  is space absolute or relative?  Today, the standard view is that science and religion are opposites.  But it was his theology that led Newton to regard space, “the sensorium of God,” as absolute; and a different theology that led Leibniz to uphold relativity, two hundred years before Einstein.

“Lord, what does this reading have to do with my assignment?”

The history of science is My story.

“Do you mean the history of the physical world?”

No, the history of man’s efforts to understand the world is the history of man’s relation to Me.

“Then You are the world?”

No, I am the point of interaction between man and the world.

Evil is a Power of Its Own.

As for Satan, that is the symbolism for the evil that is loose in the world. I do not “inflict” it on people. It is just part of the structure of reality. “Satan” represents the fact that there is (an actual) force for evil. That evil is a power of its own, a temptation, and fault-line in human nature, not just the accidental byproduct of (natural) human desires unrestrained.



Pure being is not an abstraction but a living force.

To the philosophers and theologians, feelings, along with other affects, are weaknesses.  So God is regarded as passionless, so passionless that it is difficult to see how He can love.  St. Anselm puzzles over how a passionless God can be com-passionate.  His solution is that “we experience the effect of compassion, but Thou dost not experience the feeling.”  You can see the logical puzzle: we experience God’s love, but God feels no love for us.  For the philosophers, even to speak of a personal God is at best a metaphor or analogy.  But, in my experience, God is not a metaphor.  He is a Person to whom we can pray, who can give us guidance about our lives.  However, I was told,

They have some aspects of Me right.

“What do they have right?”

They understand that I am pure Being, Being unto itself.  They understand My metaphysical essence.  They do not understand My dynamic existence, a force …

“A Person?”

… yes, and a Person.  They use these categories in a way that makes them mutually exclusive, but they are not.  Pure Being is not an abstraction but a living force, focused personally.  Do not avoid metaphysics, but always listen to Me or you will go on the wrong track.

The Consequences of Actions Are What They Are

Like a slick lawyer, I shifted my line of questioning.  “Lord, are You saying that, if someone really believed that he or she could do something, like jumping over the moon, they could do it even if it violated the laws of nature?”

No, even I operate under the constraint of physical laws.  This talk about what other physical laws I might have decreed is wrong-headed.  The consequences of actions are what they are—I don’t make them up.  The relations of matter and energy, the speed of light, etc., are fixed.  In that sense, there are no other possible worlds.  Every world would have these same relations of act to consequence.