2 thoughts on “Illuminations

  1. Darlene Lafawn Reply

    This illumination is so powerful! I cannot help reading it repeatedly. My wish is for all people in despair to hear these words. Thank you, Jerry, for bringing forth such a clear cut and impactful message from our Beloved Creator! The love of our Creator is beyond human understanding. Isn’t that amazing? The answer is always love.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Yes, what I am told here goes beyond “God loves us,” as if God just happened to be warm-hearted. Love is actually the driving force in everything He does. Since God’s love is personal and concrete, He loves you personally. And, since this is God’s defining essence, He can’t stop loving you, through happy times and sad, whether at your best or at your worst. God sticks with us. He can’t help Himself.

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