2 thoughts on “What it is like to be God.

  1. David Summers Reply

    I first experienced the “God Realization” back in the early 1970s. So, you know it has been a daily supplement to my life – like daily food and water. I want you know that I have experienced many of the same manifestations as you and in the beginning thought that any one who accepted the “voice” was crazy. Worse than that, I was convinced that I would die (blaspheming, pride, anti-Christ, etc) since by accepting my Christ identity would surely die just as he did. Well, my story is in that experience and I am still here! I would love to be a fellow so-sojourner with you. We would have much to talk about. David

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      David, whether to accept a voice or trust our sense of divine presence is a
      life-defining decision. One dare not get it wrong. That is why the
      challenge of spiritual discernment (“test the spirits, whether they be of
      God”) looms so large. Thank you for sharing this spiritual journey with me.
      I am happy to share yours.


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