What is “God: An Autobiography?”

Although there is a bit of my personal story here, the substance is God’s story, as I received it in prayer.  Even the title, God: An Autobiography, was given to me in prayer.  I added the subtitle, As Told to a Philosopher.  What I was told ranged far beyond anything I ever would have imagined on my own.

I do not feel like a prophet, and am certainly not a saint, so one day I asked God what my role was.  The answer:  to be “a serious reporter of what you are told when you pray.”  That is what I have done here.

Why this Website?

The purpose here is to share sections of the book and to start a conversation about God.

Your comments will be important, and I will respond as time permits.  I am not the only person who hears from God.  We all do, often in ways we do not realize.  I hope you will share with us your own moments of divine presence.


Who Am I?

I have had a long and satisfying career, serving as chair of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder and subsequently as acting chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  In addition to scholarly publications, I have testified before Congress on educational policy and appeared on “World News Tonight” and other television news programs.  This was the “100% secular” life that was interrupted by hearing the divine voice.

My wife, Abigail, is also a former philosophy professor.  She has three books to her credit, published under her maiden name, Rosenthal.  You will meet her in chapter one.

Jerry and Abigail

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  1. Alice Reply

    We are all tuned to different frequencies. Simply because you change the station does not mean the station has stopped broadcasting. Religion and beliefs, they are all our “stations” and God broadcasts differently for each of us. For a being who claims not to believe in God, I ask them this, by your non belief/denial etc. aren’t you acknowledging there is a God you choose NOT to believe in?
    Show me a man, who has created galaxies and universes, planets and original life forms, without splicing two things to make something new. Man is NOT God, but, we are a reflection of him/her/it/them etc. I have had my own personal experiences, and for what it is worth, you don’t have to believe, he loves you anyways. However, you will be in for one heck of a shock when you cross the great divide 😉

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Alice, I like your image of being tuned to different frequencies. You might be able to get God on different (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, etc.) stations. Sometimes when I pray, it seems as if there is static, just like the radio. The challenge of the spiritual life is learning how to “tune in” to God and finding the station where you personally get the best reception. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gerald martin Reply

    2 different people can view the same event and come to different conclusions, obviously. If one is predisposed to believe that there is a god of some sort, then he can view the event as one caused by god. despite any evidence to the contrary, despite the natural evidence. There can be no god and that doesn’t make any difference. One can “hear the voices” and nothing is there, but in that person’s mind.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Gerald.

      If I had not had the experience, I might
      say something similar, but probably would not have. I was an agnostic; you
      sound like an atheist. It had never dawned on me that, even if there were a
      God, it would be the sort of God who could speak to me personally. But I
      was also an empiricist — theories must fit experience, not the other way
      around. Obviously, one can heard a voice, when nothing is there, but
      sometimes there is something there and you just sorta know it, the way you
      can usually tell whether you are awake or not, or whether you remembered
      something or just imagined it.

      Trust your experiences too much and you can
      be gullible; trust them too little and you can miss what life is really

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