This is not weird.

Some of the people I knew in Washington were men and women of great probity and spiritual depth.  One by one, I told each about hearing the voice, and what I had been told.  One, a distinguished biologist, responded, “First of all, this is not weird.”  Nothing he could have said would have been a greater relief to me.  Another, a prominent author, said, first, “That’s great—now you know there is a God,” and then added, “You have had a Kierkegaard moment,” recalling that philosopher’s question, “If you encountered Jesus on the streets of Copenhagen, would you follow him?”

While there were also cautionary responses, no one seemed to think I was crazy or a fool to take the voice seriously.



3 thoughts on “This is not weird.

  1. Tina Velocci Reply

    Today people are more accepting of GOD as spoken by the prophet Joel that in the last days GOD will pour out his spirit on all flesh , which is what is happening now. We are living in a spirit mentality and in a GOD consciousness and it is a time for the world to get excited for the things of GOD and what is about to take place in our lives and the world around us. Thank you so much for adhering to the voice of my beloved and I’m grateful to you the vessel whom HE chose. Tina

    1. Shelly Reply


    2. Jerry L Martin Reply

      This is an era of spiritual transformation, I am told later in the book. Thank you, Tina, for your generous spirit.

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