2 thoughts on ““They moved you farther away.”

  1. Jo Nell Reply

    Jerry, I think you are an amazing person. For years I have understood and acknowledged that we are not separate from God and that we or our souls are somehow one with God. However, to know and to “be” what you know are two different things. How do I take the leap from just understanding to actually “being”, right here right now, what I have come to understand?

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Jo, speaking only for myself, I am not a fan of spiritual striving. When a guy told me that he had set out to be a saint, I thought, that is someone who will never be one. My personal advice is not to worry about “being” this or that, but simply to live each day open to the divine presence, in whatever ways and however faintly it is available to you. If anything seems like a divine hint, pay careful attention. Try to get in synch with it. If you do that, you will be in proper attunement with the divine.

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