2 thoughts on ““The feminine side of God.”

  1. Maple Green Beans Reply

    The feminine side of God! Jerry this is so poignant, to explore this, the whole reason we are having these exchanges is because Mary, said Yes! When I think of creation, I think of motherhood and certainly Mary, as the mother of God, brings to us all that was,is and will be. Although anthropomorphic, the fact that God is in the masculine, it fits when you consider that God is “a gentleman”, and He never forces himself on anyone, He always waits for the Yes! It is up to each of us to knock, to invite him in, to seek him in our lives, to open our hearts.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      God is a “gentleman” — patiently waiting for us to invite Him in — an
      arresting thought, MGB! Almost every religious tradition sees some kind of
      divine harmony between masculine and feminine aspects. Theologians avoid
      being anthropomorphic by saying that God is neither male nor female. Later
      in the book, I am told, “Get more anthropomorphic.” My experience suggests
      that, rather than neither, God is both!

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