“I want you to enter My heart.”

The next evening, the voice spoke.

I want you to enter My heart.

Enter God’s heart?  This is weird, Lord, and scary, like out-of-body travel.”

I will protect you.

For moral support I asked, “Lord, first give me Your love.”

Let Abigail love you.  You will feel My love through her.

“Then strengthen me, be with me, for this.”

I will.

He took my hand, as it were, and led me into the “heart of God.”  I had expected it to be an overpowering, perhaps terrifying experience.  But it was more like the eye of a hurricane.  I was at the center of something vast and powerful, but here it was quiet, calm, and peaceful.  I surveyed the things I feared—the end of my career, financial insecurity, loss of reputation, and a book that went nowhere.  In that calm that is God, each concern disappeared.