One thought on ““I was in the drop of water.”

  1. Aldo Del Olmo Reply

    Hello Jerry, I have been reading your book and I feel a sense of significance in this. A sense of truth that I cannot ignore. In this chapter, I have come to terms with an experience similar to yours. I was in a college course, one of cell biology, and we were going over the details of cellular life. There was a slide with a picture of a cell, and surrounding it was the matrix – or the environment – and that’s when it hit me. I wish I could describe the feeling and its utter significance in my life, and how it has changed me and allowed me to grow as an individual – a seeker. It was an epiphany, if I can use that word, that has led me to the conclusion that I must pay close attention to detail. That is it. That’s what I just got out of reading this chapter and writing this very message. Thank you.

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