“Pure energy, pure creative force, pure Being…”

Pure energy:

Later I was told more about God at the Beginning.

Before I was a Person, I was around “for a long time.” 

First there was Nothingness, not just empty space—there was no space and time either.  Out of Nothingness I erupted, “created” Myself. 

“At that point, I was just pure energy, pure creative force, pure Being, Being itself. 

Space and time were created as a result of my Being.  They were the frames of My existence.  The physical universe spun out of Me by My overflowing. 

“I am the to-be of all things… not yet a Person… not yet self-aware.  I was amorphous energy flowing out radically in all directions. 

(Before Creation) I am pure spirit, sufficient unto Myself, and have no “body.”  And I did not exist in a world with physical bodies. 

“I felt I was lacking something—grounding, facticity, the blunt materiality, the standing-against, the hard edge to push oneself against, the resistance and friction that physical objects have.  So, out of my Being, a world was spun.”


Listen to more about God and energy on God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. The dramatic adaptation and continuing discussion of the book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin.

2 thoughts on ““Pure energy, pure creative force, pure Being…”

  1. Jerry L Martin Reply

    There are many things it is not ours to know. So we just take everything in as it comes to us, as we sense it, and as we express it in the words that come to us. Your experience is remarkable. Of course, it is not clear how to relate it to brain science and the like. But this is your experience and, assuming it is benign, you accept it and make the best use of it you can. Bless you!

  2. Kathy Haxton Reply

    This is what I have also understood. I have memory before choosing to be becoming human. I’m not sure how I have this “memory” since it’s considered a brain thing. But I’ve connected with a consciousness that in this human form has been helpful and frustrating.
    I just googled God as pure energy and saw this post from two years ago. I don’t know anything about the author of this post except what I just read above. And in my experience, things I’ve posted from the past have evolved into something different as I grow. So I don’t know if you are still of this mindset. But it connected with me this very early morning.
    Thank you for this confirmation from the past.

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