Tell it from My point of view


“The story of your interactions with various peoples?”

That but not only that.  Tell it from My point of view, not the history of people’s experience of God.

“Lord, the total story of Your interaction with people would be too vast.”

No, all history is selective.  Use a different word—like episodes—if you like.  But it is history in the sense of being chronological, developmental, and dramatic in some sense.  There is a subjective point of view (Myself), intentions and concerns for the future, regrets about the past, and so forth.

“What are the materials for this history?  The great religious texts?”

Yes, of course.  That is one side of the human-divine (interaction), like hearing one end of a telephone conversation.  So that is one starting point.  But there are others as well, and I have been leading you to them—the physical record, the geological record, the biological development, the stars and galaxies, time and creation, and so on.

And I will tell you many things Myself—that is the “new revelation” aspect.  Nothing overly dramatic there—I reveal Myself all the time.

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