“Let it be.”

“When I was in the third grade, my parents both worked.  After school, I was supposed to wash the breakfast and lunch dishes.  I would look out the window and see the other children playing in the building site next door.  It had a big pile of sand, an open foundation, and other attractive hazards.  I wanted sooo much to play outside with the other kids.  Sometimes I would give in to temptation and go out to play ‘just for a few minutes.’  Before I knew it, Dad’s car would appear and I would be in deep trouble.”

Yes, you were often denied joy during childhood and that cramped your ability to experience joy.  It was also fragile and threatened.  You now carry that wariness over (to the present).  You should place yourself faithfully in My hands and enjoy what happens and assume that what goes wrong is just part of the divine plan.  Let it be.

4 thoughts on ““Let it be.”

  1. Jerry L Martin Reply

    Kent, yes, I have wondered that. Maybe I was just a good listener, and perhaps I was one of the few guys willing to take on the assignment. As an agnostic, and trained as a philosopher to consider diverse worldviews, I provided a relatively clean slate for God to write on. But keep in mind that God speaks to us all. He just chose me for a more extensive message.

  2. Kent Hiller Reply

    I couldn’t find a proper place to post my questions on your website, so I figured I would do it here on the home page so that our conversation would be readily available for all visitors.
    1st question: Why are you looking for a publisher? I only ask, because if this information was meant to be out there for everyone why would the Lord not lead you to post the entire book on a website for the world to see for free?

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Kent, good question! The fact is that I was guided in prayer to publish these exchanges in a book. I considered self-publishing, which would get the book out to the public quicker, but was guided to get a regular publisher. The book is currently under review. Posting the whole book online might get more readers, but maybe not. Books have credibility and ways of attracting attention that websites don’t.

      1. Kent Hiller Reply

        That makes complete sense. I guess this leads me to my next question. Did the Lord give you a reason as to why he choice to speak His word through you?

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