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From time to time, I have been described as “kind” as if it were a remarkable trait, almost heroic.  I am pleased with the compliment, of course, since I do value kindness, but it strikes me as the humblest of the virtues.  The courage of the firefighter, persistent love for a difficult person, fairness in declining an unfair advantage, honesty when others are cheating – these are noble virtues, difficult to attain.  But nothing is simpler or easier than a moment of kindness.  Often it takes only a reassuring word or a quick errand for a neighbor in need.  I have always liked the Quaker saying, “If there is a kindness I can give to a stranger, let me do it now, for they may not pass this way again.”  How heroic can that be?  Maybe kindness is so modest a virtue that we simply forget.  Modest yes, but perhaps the essential enactment of our humanity vis-à-vis one another.

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Martin’s Daybook

  1. Scott Langdon Reply

    What a wonderful thing to have happened to you both! A blessing in any sense of the word.

    1. Jerry L. Martin Reply

      I’m glad you point that out, Scott. It is important to recognize blessings when they come our way and not just dismiss them as “incidents.”

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