Jerry Martin’s Daybook

Our luggage arrived!  Such a small event but, in the circumstances, an incomparable relief.  Our flight to Bangor, Maine, had been cancelled.  Could we get on the plane to Portland?  Yes, there were two seats left.  Would our luggage, already tagged, end up where we ended up?  Yes, the airport had systems in place – those always reliable airport systems! – to handle such switches.  Would the airlines deliver late luggage to a place hours away?  We hoped we wouldn’t have to find out.  Arriving, we waited with bated breath as everyone else’s stuff tumbled onto the carousel.  And then, finally, ours.  Much of life consists of small connections, sometimes made and sometimes missed, sometimes with small consequences, sometimes with large – how often meeting the right partner or getting the right job is a matter, it seems, of seconds!  Good to have this connection made.

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