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I am working on a new book and have been sending a proposal to academic publishers.  Most have not yet responded but a few have responded that it, in the current language of rejection, “doesn’t fit our list.”  An editor from one of the most distinguished wrote:  “This is a wonderful project, and I enjoyed reading and thinking with your proposal.”  Abigail has sometimes received even more striking praise in letters of rejection, one saying, “I hope God doesn’t strike me dead for turning this down.”  I have wondered since then if she should have written back, threatening divine retribution, but I suppose calling down infestations and plagues on people has gone out of style

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Martin’s Daybook

  1. Scott Langdon Reply

    What a wonderful thing to have happened to you both! A blessing in any sense of the word.

    1. Jerry L. Martin Reply

      I’m glad you point that out, Scott. It is important to recognize blessings when they come our way and not just dismiss them as “incidents.”

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