Jerry Martin’s Daybook

Yikes!  Abigail tripped on an uneven place in the kitchen floor.  There being nothing to grab onto, she fell hard, slamming her knee into the hard brick.  It didn’t look bad and didn’t hurt much, so at first we simply moved onto breakfast.  But we were about to take a ten-day trip to California.  Maybe we should have it checked out just in case.  Off to Urgent Care, the wait at which seemed to belie the name.  Then an x-ray.  A fractured knee-cap!  Leg into an “immobilizer.”  Weeks to recover.  I would have to travel alone, which involved more changes than one would think – a different date, different airport.  We arranged for someone to visit and help as needed each day I would be away.  When I returned, I saw an email from her friend giving advice.  First, don’t fall!  (Well, that’s a big help!)  Second, if you do fall, fall well.  (Yeah, how do you do that?  Practice falling?)  On her friend’s behalf I can say:  sometimes there is nothing you can do but give well-intentioned, if pointless, advice.  You’ve gotta say something, after all!

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