2 thoughts on ““I am in the midst of Nothingness.”

  1. Johan Herrenberg Reply

    God sounds like a creature, made of spirit and matter like us, and not a Creator who creates the universe out of nothing… Then he is ‘a’ god, being contingent, perhaps the god of our universe, but not God?! Fascinating. And not miles apart from what I myself have ‘seen’ through my writing.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      There is more to the story, so I hope readers won’t draw too many conclusions at this point. You might say, provisionally, that the familiar Creator-created distinction doesn’t quite apply here. I grew up with that distinction and these chapters about the Beginning were disturbing. As I read more, I learned that, in Eastern Christianity and various other traditions, what I was told would not be so unusual. And it is interesting that it is not too far out of line with your own glimpses, as an inspired novelist, of the divine.

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