“I am an evolving God.”

I entered college a Christian and left an agnostic.  I had no desire whatever to be “washed in the blood” again.  The question I had been avoiding was, Do You want me to become a Christian?

No, I don’t want you to join any denomination.

“Is it okay for me to read about Jesus?”  I asked about Jesus rather than Christ.  Jesus is an historical person, who certainly existed, but whether he was the Christ, the Messiah, is a religious question.  I did not want my question to prejudge the answer.

Yes, but reading through the Old Testament first is a good approach.

“The God of the Old Testament seems terrifying.  You do not seem terrifying, Lord.”

I was young then.  I had not had much experience with people.  I am an evolving God.

God was young then?  He is evolving?  I thought God was supposed to be perfect, eternal, and unchanging.  I had been an agnostic, but I thought I had a clear idea of what I was agnostic about.  I was often disturbed when I was told something that did not fit with what I had been taught growing up; however, this bit of news, while puzzling, did not upset me.  The God who spoke to me was very much a personal God.  It was surprising but not out of character if, like other persons, He changes over time.  Later I would learn that this is why God wanted to talk to me.

One thought on ““I am an evolving God.”

  1. Jerry L Martin Reply

    Some readers may balk at this point. You might have a theology that views God as unchanging. As you can see, I was surprised too.

    But I would suggest that you just set aside parts you can’t accept. What I am told early on is often modified, refined and put in a much larger context later. God started a dialogue with me for a purpose. It is worth hearing Him out.

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