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  1. Wayne Phelps Reply

    Hello Sir, I was reluctant at first to write to you but I remembered what a few friends and local pastors and youth pastor once told me: You need to tell your story it would benefit every person from childhood to a 61 yr adult. My story as I did explain to my fellow friends at different times would be taken back as I explain my Life’s story to them only to ask or explain what it all meant. They were astonished and really thought I was stretching the truth maybe for attention. Sir, the things I have gone just like anyone else (life in general) except I have had God explain to me everything I went through was for a reason. Example: God saved my life 4 times, 3 where in automobile total crashes and I walked away from!! I have had God speak to me so many times (I’ve been bless!) telling me why I was going through what I was at that time. It would take me hours to tell you everything but let me also say when I finally surrendered to God’s will for me and this took 28 yrs for me to get it! I’ve lost my family for not putting God first, put in jail 6 different times and only God got me out and the crazy one ” I woke up at 3am and could not move felt like I was being held down for about 3-5 mins! Yeah I know right? This is just a little of what I’ve gone through over the years. But I never took my eyes of the Lord! I’ve learn over the years there were people that experience some of what I went through and when I told them “your not crazy” and to talk to God, he was trying to get their attention because he sure got mine!

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      You were right to share your story. We all go through ups and downs in life, and sometimes the downs are way more frequent than the ups, and the downs can be really really bad. And then sometimes, almost miraculously, we come out on top. It is hard to know why all these things happen to us. Do they mean anything or are they just random? Is there something we are doing wrong? If so, how do we get on track? You are blessed indeed if God spoke to you (however He spoke to you) and made it clear to you why things were happening, including the dramatic rescues. What you did right was to listen, and to take the divine guidance seriously. You discovered, as many of us have, that putting God first makes all the difference. God is no doubt, right now, trying to get the attention of some of our readers. Maybe your testimony will encourage them to pay attention!

  2. Richard Lumma Reply

    Hi Jerry,

    I heard your presentation at CST and immediately bought your book which I’ve just finished. The correspondence with Process Theology seems like it’s a good fit. What’s your take on the place of Islam in God’s plan to reveal Himself?

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