3 thoughts on ““Beauty also becomes possible . . .”

  1. Letitia Reply

    Beauty is not something we can see, so to speak. It’s comes from the inside of one and passed on to another. Beauty is unconditionally giving, loving, smiling, caring, helping….and the list goes on!

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Recently, I saw a very attractive young woman in a work setting – the sort that turns heads. A moment later I saw the surly, condescending look on her face – she was the kind of woman who jerks men around and is mean to other women. From that instant on, I did not find her attractive at all, quite the reverse. When I was young, Eleanor Roosevelt was still alive. She was a real ugly duckling and knew it. But she had one of the world’s largest loving hearts and was sought after for magazine covers. It was a joy to look at her.

      1. Letitia Reply

        Beauty is not just skin deep and as you said the one who was beautiful(to the eyes) was really ugly deep down and vice-versa. I so agree with you! I’ve met some really physically ugly people who were the absolute sweetest, loving ones!

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