4 thoughts on ““A word to the Reader”

  1. Roxana Kay Reply

    Being at one with God is profound. In some ways I totally understand but wish I could hear more on this, as I REALLY want to be this way, one with his Greatness. Doing for others as a reflex I believe is one way. Would really love to hear more.

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Yes, nothing is more profound or more urgent. But how to be in synch with God is a challenge for each of us. Doing for others — overcoming our natural self-centeredness — is surely one key. I am currently thinking of particular things God has told me that are directly relevant to living in closer attunement with the divine. I will soon start sharing them on YouTubes, which will be available at this site. Please let me know, Roxana, if you find them helpful.

  2. Darlene La Fawn Reply

    My dear friend, I very much enjoy your frankness about your confusion. It is very hard to hear information which is different from what has been taught by humans. Your emotions make this wonderful book so much more human and therefore more able for others to absorb. Much thanks and love, Darlene

    1. Jerry L Martin Reply

      Thank you, Darlene, for your loving and gracious comment. It means a lot to me.

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